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Obama and DHS to address deportation changes

Two weeks ago President Obama issued a statement calling for changes to the deportation practices of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In that statement, that was acknowledged by DHS, Obama sought to make the deportation practices more “humane” by ensuring that those without criminal records and family ties in the United States may be able to halt their deportation.

However, this is nothing more than a statement by Obama and DHS to “look into” how to address making the deportation process more humane. What we really need is action not an examination of the process. Obama, DHS and the rest of the government (hopefully Congress can act at some point) need to create a plan that allows for those without criminal records and strong family ties in the United States to have their deportation halted, delayed or prevented altogether. If Congress cannot pass immigration reform soon, the President needs to act using his pen and phone to reform our broken immigration system, as he promised in this year’s State of the Union address.

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United We Dream urges Obama to Curtail Deportations

Following announcements that House Republicans would not move on immigration this year, more than 500 leaders of a national network of young immigrants, known as “United We Dream” protested in Phoenix, Arizona last week  in an effort to pressure President Obama to act to stop deportations.

After months of lobbying, rallies and sit-in demonstrations ended with no movement in the House on a pathway to citizenship for immigrants here illegally, the organization of youths who gathered in Phoenix last weekend for an annual congress of the network, United We Dream, said they felt disappointed by both  parties in Congress. Their protests and sentiments pointed to Mr. Obama’s pledge early this year to use his phone and pen when Congress did not move on his agenda. They also said they would demand that he take executive action to increase protections for immigrants without papers.

It is clear that the young immigrants’ demands will be uncomfortable for Mr. Obama and the Democrats in a midterm election year when his low approval ratings could allow Republicans to make important gains. However,  recent polls show wider sympathy among Americans for young immigrants than those who are older without legal status. Fortunately, “United We Dream” and other organizations of young people have become leaders in setting strategy among immigrant groups.

Hopefully, action will be taken by the Obama Administration since Congress, besides the Democratically-controlled Senate that passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill in June of last year, has mostly failed to act before the midterm elections.

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House Republicans court election disaster in refusing to consider Immigration Reform

As Republicans in Congress go back and forth regarding passing Immigration reforms in 2014, as the article below describes they may be creating more political problems for themselves in this Fall’s Congressional election and the 2016 Presidential race.

We listen to Boehner and Marco Rubio declare in 2013 that the time is right to deal with 11 million undocumented immigrants…and then back down this month when talk show hosts and caucus hard-liners raised a stink over passing comprehensive reform or even the piecemeal approach that has been supported by many House Republicans and opponents of the Senate bill passed in June.

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