U.S. Communities Support Immigration Reforms

Most news these days on the possibility of immigration reforms for 2014 have been disappointing, given Republican leaders opposition to any change in existing laws prior to the November elections. However, a New York Times opinion article demonstrates that many U.S cities have discovered that supporting their immigrant community strengthens the economic viability of their city and makes for a more inclusive society.

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House Republicans court election disaster in refusing to consider Immigration Reform

As Republicans in Congress go back and forth regarding passing Immigration reforms in 2014, as the article below describes they may be creating more political problems for themselves in this Fall’s Congressional election and the 2016 Presidential race.

We listen to Boehner and Marco Rubio declare in 2013 that the time is right to deal with 11 million undocumented immigrants…and then back down this month when talk show hosts and caucus hard-liners raised a stink over passing comprehensive reform or even the piecemeal approach that has been supported by many House Republicans and opponents of the Senate bill passed in June.

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For months there has been talk that Republicans in Congress, in order to garner support among the Latino electorate for the November 2014 elections, would pass an immigration reform bill.  Now it appears they have calculated that it is better to wait until 2015 after they gain control of both Houses of Congress. It is yet to be seen if this political strategy will be effective.

Perhaps after the primaries are held later this year, Republicans will submit a Bill that will lead to some reforms this year, particularly the Dream Act.
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