Immigration Bill

The much harder task would be to come up with an immigration bill that can actually pass both chambers and be signed by President Barack Obama — in an election year. Senate Democratic leaders don’t want to pass a scaled-back version of their comprehensive bill, which received a remarkable 68 votes. They may be open to a compromise that legalizes undocumented immigrants and lets them pursue citizenship through existing channels. An outside possibility is that Democratic and Republican leaders cut a deal on legislation that can be pushed through both chambers. But no such talks are happening, at least for now.

Congress to Act in 2014 on Immigration Reforms?

As Congress returns to Washington this month there is much speculation among Immigration Advocates and Lawyers as to whether the House and Senate can reach a compromise and pass meaningful legislation this year. There is little chance of the House simply adopting the Senate Bill of 2013 which provides for broad reforms and a path to Citizenship for many here without benefit of a visa.

A more likely scenario we look forward to here at San Francisco Immigration Services and Las Vegas Immigrant Services is an expansion of DACA Relief signed by the President by Executive order to allow Dreamers not only deferred action and work authorization, but the right  do to  community service and apply for lawful permanent residence.

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