United We Dream urges Obama to Curtail Deportations

Following announcements that House Republicans would not move on immigration this year, more than 500 leaders of a national network of young immigrants, known as “United We Dream” protested in Phoenix, Arizona last week  in an effort to pressure President Obama to act to stop deportations. After months of lobbying, rallies and sit-in demonstrations ended with no […]

U.S. Communities Support Immigration Reforms

Most news these days on the possibility of immigration reforms for 2014 have been disappointing, given Republican leaders opposition to any change in existing laws prior to the November elections. However, a New York Times opinion article demonstrates that many U.S cities have discovered that supporting their immigrant community strengthens the economic viability of their city […]

House Republicans court election disaster in refusing to consider Immigration Reform

As Republicans in Congress go back and forth regarding passing Immigration reforms in 2014, as the article below describes they may be creating more political problems for themselves in this Fall’s Congressional election and the 2016 Presidential race. We listen to Boehner and Marco Rubio declare in 2013 that the time is right to deal […]

For months there has been talk that Republicans in Congress, in order to garner support among the Latino electorate for the November 2014 elections, would pass an immigration reform bill.  Now it appears they have calculated that it is better to wait until 2015 after they gain control of both Houses of Congress. It is […]

Rejecting Path to Citizenship Contradicts Democracy

A recent New York Times opinion article provided four scholars and experts on Immigration Law and Reform to debate on the issue of what the United States should do regarding Immigration Reform in the near future. One such scholar, Daniel Tichenor, is a professor of political science at the University of Oregon (the alma mater of […]

GOP Principles on Immigration: A Path to Legal Status

Following the release of the Republican Party’s list of principles on immigration reform that was released last week, activists, immigration lawyers and others are optimistic that although the Republican plan does not call for a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants that the Senate bill (which passed in June 2012) called for, […]

State of the Union and the GOP’s principles

President Obama’s State of the Union was brief last night on the issue of impending immigration reforms but most critics believe this is because both parties want to make sure immigration reform gets done this year; they just have different ideas of what the reforms will be. This is an except of what President Obama […]

Immigration Reforms in 2014

As the President prepares his State of the Union Address it is expected that he will mention ideas for changes to the current immigration restrictions. In addition, House Republicans seem to be prepared to offer some compromises to the Senate Bill which passed last June but met strong opposition from the Speaker of the House. For more information on how […]

Republicans to Announce Version of Immigration Reform

It appears likely the Speaker of the House John Boehner will announce Republican plans on Immigration reforms prior to the President’s State of the Union Address. The one-page GOP set of principles could be aired just prior to President Obama’s State of the Union speech onJanuary 28th. There is already speculation on whether their plan will […]

Immigration Bill

The much harder task would be to come up with an immigration bill that can actually pass both chambers and be signed by President Barack Obama — in an election year. Senate Democratic leaders don’t want to pass a scaled-back version of their comprehensive bill, which received a remarkable 68 votes. They may be open […]